E.Ahamed Sahib Memorial Programs


E Ahamed, An eminent leader of Indian Union Muslim league, Former minister of external affairs who has been serving the society with his charismatic personality as a parliamentarian, minister in both legislative assembly of Kerala and central government, left us on 1 st February 2017. As a person of unbeatable caliber he strived for strengthening secular credentials of the nation by standing for the minority with democratic means. He represented India in UN and several other international platforms and played key role in strengthening India’s relations with other nations especially the Arab World. He has offered his patronage and supervision for the activities of Delhi KMCC as he literally played the role of a local guardian for Malayalees in Delhi. His demise left an irreparable loss to the nation and its people especially to the Muslim community.

In order to keep his vision and mission alive, KMCC organizes various commemorative programs every year. Dignitaries from the various walks of life including political leaders, diplomats, journalists, academicians and students attend these programs. First commemorative function was held on 16 th March 2017 and attended by the then Vice President of India Hamid Ansari, Manmohan Singh, Rahul Gandhi and many other eminent leaders. Second programs was titled as “Defending Democracy: Remembering E.Ahmed” held on 5 th February 2018, and it was also blessed with the presence of a galaxy of political leaders. KMCC also organizes E.Ahmed Memorial football tournament in which various teams of Delhi Malayalis participate with great enthusiasm.